5 Must Have Products & Services Specifically for Spoonies.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

As a chronic pain and illness sufferer, I'm always looking for anything that can help calm the pain and make my life easier and more comfortable. So, I am so excited to introduce and interview the CEOs of these 5 incredible companies: The Chronic Entrepreneur Club, Meye Mask, The Headache Hat, Micrate, and ShannaMade. All of which were founded by amazing, strong women with chronic illness. I had the pleasure of talking to/emailing each of these wonderful women to talk about their fantastic products and services that can make a great impact in the lives of people with chronic illness.

1.The Chronic Entrepreneur Club!

I had an amazing conversation with Valeriya Zaytseva about her business: Chronic Entrepreneur Club. Valeriya has been an chronic illness entrepreneur with various companies for about four years, and has learned the ins and outs of making money as an entrepreneur despite multiple chronic illnesses.

She began the Chronic Entrepreneur Club last year because she met a friend who also had fibromyalgia and was struggling. Not only was she struggling with fibromyalgia, but with college and trying to build her own photography business. Her friend invested in the Chronic Entrepreneur Club. Valeriya coaches her 1:1, and is making a huge difference in her friend’s life and business. If her friend could benefit from her guidance, Valeriya was sure other chronically ill entrepreneurs could too.

Valeriya has accomplished two main methods of helping other chronically ill entrepreneurs: she provides mentoring and community. You can join the super helpful private Facebook Group here: http://bit.ly/CEClub

First, she offers mentoring and coaching. Her 1:1 coaching that typically lasts 12 months. This coaching dives deep and is intimately focused on your online business goals and chronic illness lifestyle.

Secondly, Valeryia has structured group coaching available throughout the year. This includes group calls where the group members can ask individual questions about his/her online business in context to the weekly lessons.

What sets Valeriya’s coaching business apart is her spirit of generosity. She gives much of her time and money. “If I can make money, it is my duty to make as much as I can. Money is a tool. It can help more than just me, whether it be family or friends or strangers on the street.” She caters specifically to the chronically ill community members who have started an online business and don't know what to do next or have been in the online business for and have not gotten the results they desire.

Valeriya is an amazing twenty-one year old who battles Sjogrens Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis and still runs two successful businesses including the Chronic Entrepreneur Club. She lives with her boyfriend Michael who is a chef, their cat and Micheal's two snakes! She enjoys the arts, the theater and going to musical events.

You can find Valeriya on Facebook: @ChronicEntrepreneurClub with Valeriya Zaytseva, or Instagram: @chronicentrepreneurclub

For business enquiries: support@chronicentrpreneurclub.c

2.The Meye Mask!

As a chronic migraineur of seventeen years, Kate found that she always needed an eye mask, but none of them were quite right: the back strap would ride up or slip off leaving her hair messy, and many were made from synthetic non-breathable fabric, or the strap would be right over the ears.

So she developed the the ear loop. This loop makes it possible to wear your Meye Mask on your ears instead of around your head. The ear loops are made from bamboo velvet and you can tie them to your comfort. The backing is made from one hundred percent naturally dyed ethically sourced silk, the inside is natural unbleached brushed cotton, the whimsical exteriors are made from one hundred percent cotton or silk. The Meye Masks come in many different wonderful, colorful, fabric patterns.

The Meye Mask is really for anyone who need a good night sleep, but as soon as Kate advertised her first one, many chronic illness - and especially migraine sufferers reached out to Kate to get their very own Meye Mask.

Kate is a fabulous forty-one year old who battles chronic migraine, anxiety and depression. She works part time as an accountant in addition to creating Meye Masks. Kate lives in the UK with her boyfriend of three years, loves animals and has two ferrets and a dog. She writes screenplays which she enters into competition.

You can find Kate on Instagram: @meyemask 😎

You can find Meye Mask: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Meyemask?coupon=40WINKS

3.The Headache Hat! \

Sherri has been having chronic migraine for over thirty years. The idea for the Headache Hat came to her during a postpartum migraine. She was using closed plastic kitchen bags with ice, pressing the ice to the sore spots. But eventually the bag would start dripping, making noise, and getting warm too quickly. Plus, she had a soggy mess to clean up as well as taking care of an infant while having a migraine. So, Sherri began thinking of what she would like in an ice pack: getting the ice to touch and give pressure to trigger areas and not make a huge mess. She began hand sewing prototypes, and trying out designs, looking for the right type of “ice cubes”. She worked until she got it totally right: the material had to be soft, yet strong enough to hold the ice, the “ice cubes” had to be the right size - not too big or small, the hat had to be movable, so one could move the ice to the needed areas. The Headache Hat became a wearable ice pack designed specifically for people suffering from migraines or tension headaches. The unique design allows for long lasting ice and pressure on pain points. The individual “ice cubes” are held in a cotton stretch wrap that goes around one's head. The Headache Hat can be used over the eyes, around the shoulders, or flat for any use of ice. It can also be taken off and flipped over to the other side when the current side becomes warm. Also out is the Halo Hat Go that comes with two thin mats of ice. This ice pack allows you to freeze one mat, while the other is in use.

Sherri is a fantastic forty-six year old migraineur, entrepreneur, and mother.

You can find Sherri on instagram: @headachehat1

You can find the Headache Hat and the Halo Hat Go: https://theheadachehat.com/


Jane has been a chronic migraineur for fifteen years, and while she does use traditional medicine, she has always believed in the effectiveness of alternative, holistic, and all natural alternatives to treat pain and illness. However, she had a difficult time trying to find products that were migraine friendly, pain relieving, and truly all natural. She wished there was a way she could try several products specific to migraine or chronic pain.

This is how Micrate was born. Jane wanted to design a box filled with various migraine and pain relieving products for you to try that would be delivered right to your door. The products are tried and true - and tested by Jane herself with a few other migraineurs. It was the perfect solution for migraineurs and people with chronic pain who, because of their illness, had little energy to look for and find natural products for themselves.

Micrate is a box made for people with migraine, headache, or pain disorders. ALL of the products are not only all natural, but free of artificial dyes, colors, fragrances, and flavoring. Each product is carefully selected by Jane, and chosen for it's pain soothing, migraine/ headache friendly properties.The products in Micrate are aimed at easing physical tensions and soothing mental tension, as well as reducing inflammation.

Micrate currently consists of:

- muscle ache balm

- massaging dry brush

- aromatherapy shower steamers

- calming and tension soothing teas

- amethyst roller

- carob treats

The box is currently a one time purchase, but in the future Jane would like to be able to have different products to release about every season or so.

Jane is a wonderful thirty-one year old who lives in PA with her husband and three month old daughter and their cat. Chronic migraine was a major concern for her when she began thinking about starting a family. She was concerned about the difficulty of having a migraine attack while taking care of a tiny human. She says, “while it definitely has not been easy and there have been some ROUGH days, it's been more than worth it. I've actually never felt stronger and more capable than I do now as a new mom living with a chronic illness.” Jane looks forward to some fresh air and walking with her daughter when the weather is better.

You can find Jane on Instagram: @micrate

You can find Micrate: https://micrate.co/


Shanna was pregnant with her first son when her mom bought her her first neck wrap. The wrap gave her aching body huge relief. She and her family used it so much that it wore out. It did not have a label, no name on the instructions and her mom didn't remember where it came from. So, Shanna scrutinized it, and decided she would make one.

Shanna had a sewing machine, but she hadn't learned how to sew. Determined to create the neck wrap that had comforted and eased her pain during pregnancy, she went to work teaching herself to sew, creating patterns, working with rice, herbs, and oils! That one wrap turned into ShannaMade, spreading the relief she got from her neck wrap to others.

Shanna has three options: the ShannaMade Comfort Pad, the ShannaMade Comfort Bear (specifically for kids), and the ShannaMade Eye Pad. The ShannaMade products come in all variety of colorful, fun fabrics, and they can be scented or unscented. Shanna uses peppermint and lavender essential oils and herbs to make a scented Pad! She fills them with rice to make the Comfort Pads/Bear weighted. Additionally, they can be used warm or cold and come with directions. The really wonderful feature are the ridges Shanna sews throughout the Pad/Bear to keep the rice nice and even. And ShannaMade products come with a label so you know where to get another one! 😉

Shanna is a fabulous thirty-six year old who battles migraine, neck pain, and migraine. She is married, a stay at home mom to two boys. Her passion is painting home decor. She hopes to inspire creativity in others with her art. She likes to spend her free time outdoors with her family, hiking, and biking.

You can find Shanna on Instagram: @shannamade

You can find ShannaMade products and more: https://shannamade.blogspot.com/p/about.html?m=1

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