A Beautiful Morning Routine: Spoonie or Not

Updated: Jun 16

As a person with chronic illness, starting my biz, and genuinely worried about the state of this beautiful world we live in; I am super stressed out and anxious a lot of the time. However, I have found these five things to make a huge impact on my day.

1. Set your intention for the day. It can be anything from take a nap to take a hike! Or it can even be intangible like a short little mantra or word to ease your day such as peace or calm

2. I start with prayer. I have a devotional that I love called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It is truly one of the best spiritual books I've read and almost always inspiring. (If your not religious you can read any inspiring book or quote here.)

3. Meditation. I know, easier said than done. But, it has been proven to reduce pain and calm the mind, so try it out. Start at 5 minutes per day and gradually get up to 30. You can do this! I use an app called Calm. It has really great sounds and some guides meditation. It even has meditations specifically for this virus!!

4. Take a walk or just be outside for 15 minutes to take on the sun and just be with nature. And if you can go somewhere beautiful and peaceful even better.

5. Organize your space. To me this is huge!! I live with my parents, so I work, eat and sleep in my room with Ruby my adorable chi. So I've got papers, dishes, medicine bottles, clothes, and Ruby's stuff EVERYWHERE. I cannot think until I've de-cluttered. I find that it is a MUST to get organized before I get work done.

And with all of that don't forget to set aside some time for just relaxing: reading, coloring, napping, tv, ect. Cause you've earned it!!

🤲How to set your intention for the day.🧘🏼‍♀️

- think about how you feel (mind and body) right now. Has there been anything bothering you lately? How does that make you feel? Is there anything that you can do to make it positive?

- sit for a few minutes. Think about what intention will serve you best. What will help you have a good day.

- once you have that intention, that idea, feeling, or action, say it out loud.

- sit with it for a few minutes slowly repeating it to yourself as you take some long deep breaths.

💚I always like to express gratitude here. So if you're inclined to, go ahead. Thank people, God, the earth... whatever is in your heart.💜

🌈That is a recipe for a great day! Now put it all into practice!


🕍I had a very religious Catholic upbringing. While I'm not so religious now, I have faith. So for me prayer is praying to God, Jesus, Mary and/or the saints. I also like to talk to my grandparents and great aunt.✝️

🕯But prayer can mean saying something like a mantra. Something to say or do that brings you into a peaceful spirit. I would really like to hear if any of you do this. Please comment or DM if you'd rather talk to me privately.❤

🕯📖To start your prayer off right, find a quiet area. Recite prayers, read a devotional or anything that makes your spirit whole. Then sit with it for a while after, soaking in the words or the feelings. If I can, the best time to pray is that early morning when the house is still and the sun has that hazy glow.🌇🌄

Do you have any input? How, when do you pray?


🌊So this can be a tricky one. If you are new to meditation, I suggest finding a guided meditation on YouTube or another form or media. I like an app called Relax Melodies @relaxmelodies.

🌈Find a quiet, comfortable spot. I like to lie down with my hands at my heart, belly or sides. Many people prefer sitting so they can be grounded. Any way you place your body, make sure it is comfortable to you.

🌊Be still. Easier said than done. Your nose may itch, your weight is not supported evenly, your sock is on backwards. Whatever it is, fix it and remain quiet and still. If you would like an eye mask, place it on after all of the wiggles are out. I use a great mask called @WiingsbyNeyda. It hits some great pressure points on my face and is made from basalt. Neyda could explain much better!

🌈Start your meditation whether it be guided, a gentle sound like waves, or just breath work. If your mind wanders be forgiving, and bring it back to the meditation.

🌊You can meditate as little as 1 minute per day! It's a great place to start. You'll feel the therapeutic effects of meditation if you practice 30minutes each day!

🌈How do you meditate?


🌲Get some Air🌳

🌷So many of us are couped up going stir crazy with not much to do.

🐣The best thing you can do for yourself: get outside, feel the sun on your face.

🌷See all of the beautiful signs that spring has sprung, watch the squirrels and rabbits move around the yard. Smell the wonderful new scents of the lilac, the magnolia, the cherry and apple blosson.

🐣Lie down in the grass and feel the cool or warmth from the earth and all of springs moving pieces.

🌷Perhaps even take a nature walk.

🏗🧱Organize Your Space🗓🖋

🤷🏻‍♂️So, so much easier said than done.🤷🏼‍♀️

🛏I work from my bed - yep that's right, my bed. One of the perks/crappy part of living with my parents, I only have time to myself in my room. But my tiny room can go from perfect to perfectly disastrous in about five minutes. It is not so easy thinking of amazing ideas or writing thoughts and ideas that wow when I'm in a cluttered space, or more appropriately, a dump.

✔So here are some tips to turn your dumpy cluttered space into an idea haven. If you are lucky enough to have more than one space, only take on one space at a time otherwise you will feel overwhelmed and exhausted immediately.

👞1. Store those shoes. Since I have a small space,👟 I have an over the door shoe rack 🥿for the shoes I wear often and a closet shoe rack for the shoes I wear sparingly.👠

💊2. Store those meds! Yes it is possible. I have a 2 weekly pill holders for day and night, and for my as needed meds I have this amazing thing called a 💊Razbag. It allows me to store 20 bottles, plus has three pockets for my vials and syringes,💉 my alternative items, THC and also my Wiings for meditating. I also have a bin in my closet for the rest! (Pictured)(I think if I can write a paragraph on where to store meds, I must be a spoonie.) @razbagq] 💊

🗓3. I have a weekly calendar on my wall that I can change with dry erase markers, a calendar in my phone, a business calendar, and a daily/monthly planner. With all that, who can forget anything.... 👋 oh, I can for sure #katebrain, but I sure do try.📆

💼4. Keeping the biz organized: I have so many notebooks, notepads, random bits of paper. I was super super blessed, and right when I needed it, I got this beautiful business portfolio from Glass Ladder @glassladder in a Causebox @causebox. It holds most of my notebooks, pens, sticky notes and all of the paper. It is so wonderful! (The pink pictured)📓📑

💜5. I also have a huge, I mean huge essential oil holder. It holds 70 oil bottles and 17 roller bottles. Huge! And you know how I love my oils, or you should. (Pictured with purple zipper)💕

🖋What do you use to keep organized? Does your system work great? I'm so curious to hear what others do with small spaces!📑

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