Copaiba: My New Fav EO (essentail oil)

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Copaiba is part of the non psychoactive (so no THC, no high) ecocannabinoid system so it's great for extra strong pain. Driving on my way to Colorado my back was killing me after I had packed, then packed up the car (and I don't pack light). I put a few drops in my hands, rubbed it on my back and at least 50% of the pain was gone!! 😍 I was elated!

We offer it with a touch of lavender and frankincense (two of my other faves) for even more relaxation and pain relief. And bonus - it's great for skin and helping with acne too!

*with all essential oils, please make sure that you are getting high quality pure oils from a high grade trusted source. I am a Youngevity wellness partner, and purchase my all my oils from Youngevity. I will write a post about the impeccable quality of Youngevity's EOs soon. If you would like to purchase oils from me, you can do it by selecting the green Youngevity button at the top of my page! Thank you!

*Not intended to treat, cure, or make a diagnosis. Please consult your doctor before use.

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