How We Define ourselves as People with Chronic Illness

Updated: Jun 15

Hi my name is Kate. I'm so excited to talk to you all today. So, it's kind of tricky how we define ourselves with chronic illness.

You know, we can define ourselves by our illnesses like min are migraine, anxiety, scoliosis, pituitary tumor, all kinds of hormone issues. Or we could describe ourselves by how we fit into our family. I'm a daughter, a sister, an Auntie, a dog mom and a girlfriend. Or we can define ourselves by what we do: an entrepreneur, a writer, a blogger, and a nurse.

But I think really, really how we should define ourselves by how we approach everything, how we feel, what feeds our soul.  And for me, that is helping people. I am empathetic and compassionate because I do have a chronic illness, and I can understand what it's like. I'm super passionate about helping people, nursing, was a foster mom, dogs (I have a five pound chihuahua named Ruby).

It's much more important to describe what's ingrained in us then what our, like, physical things that we do. It's more what we are not what we do. It's what our essence is. So, delve deep and get to know yourself.


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