Dry Shampoo Tonic

Dry Shampoo Tonic is actually a "wet" dry shampoo. I combine, witch hazel, high proof alcohol, and arrowroot powder.


It is the best dry shampoo that I've ever tried. I isnt sticky, a powdery mess, and makes you look and feel like you stepped out of the salon.


If you have medium to dark hair, please let me know, and I can customize so It blends with your natural color. 


I can also customize with essential oils:

- lavendar to keep hair thick and healthy

- rosemary for abuntant looking hair

- cedarwood for hair loss

- chamomile for scalp inflamation

- jasmine to nourish the scalp

- geranium to provide a vibrant, healthy glow

- ylang ylang to increase shiny, healthy hair


You may pick 2 of the above essential oils. If you would like to add more, there will be a $2 fee per extra essential oil


- Not intended for pregnant/breastfeeding women, children, or pets


* This product is not FDA approved, therefore it is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Please talk you doctor before use.


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